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Scot Isles – another ship from the Royal Bodewes

Scot Isles – another ship from the Royal Bodewes

Once again, we are making headlines in the news with another ship leaving the Royal Bodewe’s shipyard in Hoogezand Netherlands. This is the third ship in a series of 3 ships

The ship is equipped with a complete accommodation from TNF INEXA. TNF Inexa has supplied a complete modular 50 mm panel system. All partitions bulkhead between 2 cabins are delivered with our well-known TNF 2SM (HNR) panel which has a sound reduction of up to Rw 44 dB. This is – to ensure that the staff has the necessary privacy when they are not on duty. The ceilings on the ship is our well-known sandwich ceiling – TNF C65 – which is easy to install and is self-supporting up to 3000 mm. The TNF C65 ceiling panels are rigid enough to carry ventilation units, light fittings, hatches etc. all without support. – No hanger required and with a – max. load without suspension of – 25 kg.

In addition to panels and ceilings, TNF has supplied all A- & B-doors. For all cabin doors, TNF has supplied our High Noise reducing sound door.

Royal Bodewes has been using TNF systems for more than 30 years, and from day one Royal Bodewes chose to use a modular system. Royal Bodewes required that Bulkhead systems has to be with high noise reduction and ceiling system, to be self-support and fully insulated.

In addition, it had to be easy to assemble, so that Royal Bodewes could save as much as possible on assembly costs. All requirements that TNF systems could accommodate.



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