TNF Ceiling C67 Perforated

The continuous TNF Ceiling C67 are designed with a flat, clean appearance. The Ceiling panels are self-supporting with a free span up to 3000 mm. The ceiling panels are supported by the wall panel top profiles, and form together with the TNF wall panel system an integrated accommodation system.

Technical specifications

The TNF C67 ceiling complies with SOLAS safety regulations and is approved y all major authorities and classification societies

More about this product

Ceiling construction
The C67 ceiling are self-supporting system with an inter-locking joint. The ceiling panels are supported by the wall panel top profile.

Ceiling features
· Self-supporting ceiling panels up to 3000 mm
· Individually demountable ceiling panels
· Fully insulated ceiling panels
· No extra insulation is necessary to achieve B-class fire rating

Ceiling dimensions
The ceiling panels are delivered in standard width 300 or 600 mm in pre-cut length form 800 mm to 3000 mm to fit individual rooms.

Ceiling surface
The ceiling panels are designed with a clean, flat surface – perforated. The ceiling panels are manufactured of polyester coated galvanised steel. For protection during handling ad installation, the ceiling panels are supplied with a peel-off protection film.

TNF C67 with perforated surface will absorb a high percentage of sound generated in the room and give an acceptable sound level.