TNF Magic

TNF Magic® was originally designed for corridors and accommodation spaces, this product has been further developed to allow it to be used in public spaces also, with big cost savings in comparison to other traditional materials. Most importantly it is competitively priced.

Technical specifications

Considerable reduced costs in case of a fire.
Less insurance premiums for you.
Improved economy on your ships.
Increased profit for your company.
Scratches can easily be repaired.
Paint and brush maintenance.
Supplementary orders can be placed in small quantities.

More about this product

TNF has more than 35 years global experience in making marine interior products to a quality that surpasses international standards. During these years TNF has become a leading brand for interior products to the world market. Contracts have been won for the supply of products to 9,000 ships, ferries, yachts, navy ships and offshore accommodation units.

A major breakthrough in technology and production systems by TNF has resulted in a revolutionary new approach to the style of a safe, fire retardant wall finish – TNF Magic®.

New designs have been created for all types of interiors. The finishes can be used in practically any situation, from the most modest of cabins to the most prestigious of public spaces.