Terms and conditions

    These General Conditions of Sale and Delivery shall apply unless modified by express agreement in writing between the parties. The General Conditions shall be deemed to have been accepted upon acceptance of a quotation.
    All prices are net and are subject to change without notice based upon any direct or indirect increase or decrease in cost of materials and wages, unless other- wise expressly stated.
    Where firm prices are quoted, such prices shall only apply within the time limits stipulated for acceptance and for delivery.
    Only quotations in writing shall be binding. All quotations are subject to the goods being unsold. The quantities calculated and stated in the quotation serve as a guideline only and are subject to alteration. Invoicing is made in accordance with the quantities actually supplied.
    The purchase is final and binding when TNF Inexa Interiors has confirmed the order in writing. Any order confirmed by TNF Inexa Interiors cannot be cancelled, amended or postponed by the Buyer, unless TNF Inexa Interiors has accepted this in writing, and in such case only against payment of any expenses accrued.
    Upon placing an order, the Buyer shall supply complete specification of the supply, unless TNF Inexa Interiors has assumed this work under a separate agreement. Where complete specification of the supply with the requisite drawings, data, and detailed dimension have not been submitted upon placing of the order, such specification, shell have been received by TNF Inexa Interiors not later than on the date specified in the quotation or in the order confirmation. In the event that the Buyer omits to submit specifications within the time-limits agreed upon, TNF Inexa Interiors shall be entitled to deliver at a later date, such date to fit into TNF Inexa’s production program. In the latter case, TNF Inexa Interiors shall be entitled to adjust price with the expenses incurred by TNF Inexa Interiors for any delay in delivery, including but not limited to increasing production costs (wages, price of materials, etc.), and any cost incurred in connection with exchange guarantee.
    In the event that TNF Inexa Interiors has undertaken to prepare drawings and specifications, such material will be submitted to the Buyer for final approval as soon as it is ready.
    Unless otherwise agreed, the Buyer’s approval shall have been received within 15 days of receipt of TNF Inexa Interiors specifications. Where approval is delayed, reference is made to Clause 4(3). After having received the Buyer’s acceptance of the specification, TNF Inexa Interiors cannot be held liable for errors or omissions in specifications or drawings.
    In the event that the Buyer amends specifications in relation to the specifications contained in the quotation or any specifications approved later, TNF Inexa Interiors is entitled to claim payment of any additional costs arising out of the amendment.
    Goods may only be returned subject to prior agreement.
    The terms CIF, FOB, DCP, Ex Works, etc. are interpreted in accordance with INCOTERMS 2010. The conditions are to be understood as exclusive of duty and local charges and dues of any nature whatsoever.

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