TNF Floating Floor System

TNF system FS floating floor is designed for universal applications on ships and offshore installations. The TNF floor units FS7 and FS5 consists of a specially developed Rockwool insulation material surfaced by a 2 mm thick steel plate. This special insulation adds significantly to the strength of the surface

More about this product

Leveling of steel deck
To ensure a flat surface the steel deck may require leveling before laying the TNF floor units.
Layout of TNF floor units
The units are laid in staggered rows. The layout of the units should start at a corner.
Due to the characteristics of the mineral wool, minor in-equalities of the deck surface may be taken up by the floor units.
Cutting of TNF floor units
The units are easily cut by an angle grinder or similar.
Connecting TNF floor units
The units are tack-welded together on all edges per every 300 mm.
The joints between the units should be sealed.