TNF PVC colours

TNF products are delivered with an extensive range of PVC surfaces for all kinds of environments. The colour chart shows our standard range of colours. Other colours are available on request. Please download our PDF to see the full range of our colours.

More about this product

Colours and finishes
The TNF products are delivered with a wide range of standard fire retardant PVC-foils. The variety of colours, patterns and textures make it possible to accomodate individual tastes and create a pleasent onboard interior. Some colours may require a certain minimum quantity per colour. Other colours, in addition to the standard colours, are also available.

Foil protection
TNF products with a PVC-foil surface are supplied with a transparent, protective film that is easy to remove. The film should be removed from the edges prior to installation of the panels and ceilings, but not fully removed before the interior is completed. The film protects the PVC-foil from scratches and stains during the installation.

Routine cleaning can be done with soap and water. Regular household detergents and spirit may also be used. However, PVC-foils are not resistant to acetone, trichloroethylene and similar cleaning agents.

PVC-foil data
The thickness of PVC-foil is 0,15 mm. The foil cannot tolerate exposure to temperatures exceeding 70° for longer periods.

Fire class – approvals
The PVC-foils meet the requirements of SOLAS 1974 and later amendments regarding low flame spread surfaces. The TNF wall panels and ceilings faced with PVC-foil are approved worldwide
by classification authorities.

The colours shown are made by standard printing technique, and may vary from the true colours. The true colours are available upon request.