TNF High Noise Reduction

High noise reduction is where the Inexa TNF products excel. When correctly in- stalled, they provide maximum quiet and comfort by reducing unwanted structural and airborne noises.

More about this product

High noise reduction bulkhead system
The high noise reduction bulkhead panel TNF 2SM has a good noise reduction value – only 50 mm thick, yet giving a lab value of Rw=44 dB. This B15 class TNF 2SM panel has exactly the same dimensions and appearance as a standard panel, but provides real privacy due to its superior insulating properties.

Fully insulated self-supporting ceiling system
With a free span up to 3000 mm, the TNF B class ceilings are the lids on the TNF quiet cabins. The TNF ceilings have a noise reduction of Rw=44 dB (lab value). In combination with TNF 2SM bulkhead panels, a field value of 40-42 dB noise re- ductions can easily be achieved between cabins and between cabins and corridor. Used in conjunction with a steel deck, the vertical noise reduction will be Rw=60 dB (lab value).