TNF – A60 sliding door

The TNF Marine Fire doors are based experience of all kind of INF Accommodation Systems since 1973. TNF Doors are constructed not only to be strong and durable but also provide the ideal door for each situation.

Technical specifications

Door leaf:
PVC-coated steel plate, self-adhesive flexible film, stainless steel plate, décor, TNF Magic surface, trim lists of stainless steel.
Stainless steel frame-polished/ brushed /Sandblasted
Accessories A-class:
- Hose port 150x150mm
- 500 x 500mm A60 rated vision panel
- Stainless steel cover plate
For normally open Counter weight door:
- magnet
- Local release switch
- Alarm unit for remotely released door
For normally closed Counter weight door:
- fitting for locking cylinder

More about this product

Door leaf, A-class: 48 mm thick, made of Zn-coated steel plates, trim list fastened with stainless steel blind rivets, lock case, stainless steel recess handles on both sides.

Frame: Made of Zn-coated steel plate

Drive system:
1. Manual operated doors, including counter weight system and air brake for adjusting the closing speed.
2. Power operated doors with electric drive system
3. Power operated doors with Pneumatic drive system

Max frame opening: A-class door 2500 x 2400 mm (HxW)