The marine market has for several years demanded an alternative ceiling where there is a gap between the joints, and at the same time still self-supporting up to 3 meters.

In connection with the new series of ships being built by Chinese shipyard AVIC Weihai Shipyard – TNF, in collaboration with the assembly company, has further developed a ceiling system that meets the wishes of the marine market.

Fast and efficient installation is assured, as ceiling panels are supplied ‘pre-cut’ in accordance with customer drawings and specifications.

The ceiling panels are delivered in standard with 300 mm and in pre-cut length from 800 mm to 3000 mm to fit individual rooms.

The ceiling panels are designed with a clean, flat surface. MAGIC or stainless steel. For protection during handling and installation, the ceiling panels are supplied with a peel-off protection film.

Corridor picture is from the latest New Building delivered from AVIC where TNF has delivered panels and ceilings to the corridors.

INEXA TNF’s Quality Management System is according to DS/EN ISO 9001:2008 ensuring that all TNF Marine Ceiling Systems are manufactured to the highest standards, within close tolerances to guarantee an accurate, fast and reliable installation.



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Christian Juhler

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