It has again been a special year, with many challenges associated with the worldwide covid-19 virus.

For TNF, the year 2021 also has been an exciting year. We have made several new fire tests to meet the stricter requirements – and we are proud to announce that we have now received approval for our brand new A60 sliding door construction. In addition, we have made a new fire test on our TNF C46 ceiling, where TNF has made a number of improvements in connection with the suspension system. Last but not least, we have made a new fire and sound test on our B15 HNR door and can offer up to Rw 42 dB.

During the year, we supplied our products for the new ship to Viking AB build by Xiamen, but also the new Stena series of ships being built at AWIC. We have just completed a major offshore project in Malaysia, where we have delivered panels, ceilings, shower cabins and doors where there have been high offshore requirements.


TNF is looking forward to 2022, with more good news, both in terms of new products, but also other exciting initiatives. In addition, we all hope we can meet when Marintec 2022 takes place in Shanghai in June.

We all wish you a Happy New Year.



Christian Juhler

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