New fire test on TNF C64 ceiling in close…

New fire test on TNF C64 ceiling in close collaboration with Halton Ventilation

TNF has successfully completed no less than 2 major fire tests on our self-supporting ceiling – TNF C64.

The first test was carried out in January, where we only tested the ceiling itself – and fully passed the B15 requirement.

The last test to be performed was a test with a built-in inspection hatch, light fixture and an HVAC.

The reason why this last test had to be carried out is that the TNF C64 ceiling can be used for the construction of Prefab cabins, where the complete cabin – before it is brought on board – must meet the B15 requirement.

In close collaboration with Halton Ventilation Shanghai Co., LTD, TNF has been provided with the largest HVAC model with a cut-out dimension of 600 x 525 mm.

The advantages for the shipyards with one complete certificate are, all is gathered in one certificate, and thereby save the yard / assembly company time to authorities regarding documentation.

It has been a great pleasure to work with a very serious partner – Halton Ventilation – and TNF expects to be able to expand the collaboration in the future when new HVACs come on the market.


Christian Juhler

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