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Viking Glory – ready for hand over

Viking Glory – ready for hand over

Congratulations to Viking Line with finishing their latest new building Viking Glory. Furthermore, congratulations to Xiamen Shipyard who has been responsible for making sure the construction was finished on time and meeting the many strict requirements for comfort.

For the construction for Viking Glory it was required that individual single-hinged doors had a width of up to 1400 mm.

A new fire test of our A60 door was required due to the extended width. Our extended A60 door passed the test and we had the pleasure of delivering all the A15 and A60 doors to Viking Glory where several of the single-hinged doors had a dimension of up to 1400 x 2200 mm.

Our new A60 doors was delivered with 3 screwed hinges.

It is optional get the doors delivered with hose port and vision panel up to 400 x 400 mm.



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