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Craftsmen to the world’s finest ships and offshore units

Craftsmen to the world’s finest ships and offshore units

TNF is now entering a new era with the extended Inexa family. The factory in Nantong delivers to ongoing projects accordingly while the TNF family continues to grow. One is looking forward to a prosperous 2017 and upcoming cruise boom, where TNF is very well prepared both regarding products and services.

TNF prepared for the upcoming cruise boom

In 2017, the cruise industry will experience a healthy and prosperous year. Ten years ago, 15.8 million visitors boarded the cruise ships, and CLIA (Cruise Lines International Association) found that this figure will reach to an astonishing 2510 million in 2017! According to industry forecasts, by 2030, China will need about 100 cruise ships. Chinese cruise passengers are expected to reach 10 million people and China will become the world’s largest cruise tourism market.
The report predicts that 2017 will be a bumper year, where a large number of cruises will be carried into sea. According to the report, the total amount of up to $ 6.8 billion will be fully committed to new production and services. From 2017 to 2026 the industry is expected to introduce 97 new cruises, and the investment amount will be about 53 billion US dollars.
Of course TNF welcomes such a challenge. The brand TNF owns
a unique strength where low weight, high comfort, Scandinavian design, know how and safety onboard ships and offshore units plays a big role. The TNF system is composed for maximum comfort, safety, easy installation and maintenance.

Thomas is back

At TNF Interiors one is happy to announce that Thomas Heirler is once again back in the TNF family. He has great experiences from the shipping- and offshore industry, especially from the Middle and South East.

Kai Martinsen

Kai graduated from CBS in Denmark with a master degree. He is a Danish expert in company operation and management, who has worked in China for 18 years. He understands Chinese people and culture and has built a great network in China. He has provided ex- cellent leadership and management training to Danish large corpo- rations, such as Vestas, Maersk, Danfoss and other Nordic first-class companies. Kai’s work experience will be very helpful to Inexa with meeting the challenges of the future cruise industry.


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