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NB 282 – Pull-Pusher TB Shipyards, Kampen

NB 282 – Pull-Pusher TB Shipyards, Kampen

TNF has just completed the delivery of full accommodation to Admiraal Jacht & Scheepsbetimmeringen – consisting of panels, ceilings and A & B doors. This is for the first of 3 newbuildings.

Jan Willem, project manager, says that with Inexa TNF’s modular panel system, where all components are prefabricated at their modern factory in Nantong, no adjustments are required during the installation. That way, Admiraal Jacht & Scheepsbetimmeringen has achieved a big time saving as well reduced waste. The modular system also provides aesthetic benefits, due to no connecting profiles or screws being visible.

Communication between Jan Willem and Inexa TNF is mainly done by e-mail. CAD drawings are transferred in a couple of minutes between the designers. Production time from order to delivery is between 10 and 12 weeks.
When this article being printed, the ship already handed over to the Owners, whereas the photos will show the ship under construction. During the coming fall, TNF will deliver full accommodation for the next newbuilding – NB 283.


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