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GOTLAND’s new building in progress at GSI

GOTLAND’s new building in progress at GSI

The first out of 2 newbuildings is ready for launch at Guangzhou Shipyard. INEXA-TNF has, in cooperation with ScanMarine,  the complete supply of Bathrooms, High Noise Reduction Lightweight 2S Modular Panel System, TNF C55 Self-supporting Ceilings in all Cabins, as well as High Noise Reduction Cabin Doors. The installation is taking place now and INEXA-TNF is just now delivering the last products for installation.

In a short while, INEXA-TNF will start production for Gotland Ship 2, where INEXA-TNF will deliver the complete accommodation system once more.

From beginning, a requirement from the ship owner was presented – that the accommodation should meet Comfort Class 1 – where the requirement is noise reduction not less than R’w 43 dB (Field value). The yard has performed the first test and among other now achieved a noise reduction between 2 cabins of R’w 44 dB (Field value).



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