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Inexa-TNF the third Newsletter

Inexa-TNF the third Newsletter

Inexa TNF created a new website

 Inexa TNF has entered a new era with the new ownership. Under the leadership of the new board, Inexa TNF shows a vibrant scene. The old website could not meet the needs of our company and our customers. Under this circumstance, a brand new website ( has been created. The front page is shown in the above picture. There will be an absolutely new experience, when you browse Inexa TNF website. All functions are designed for our customers’ needs.  It is much easy for our customers to find our products, download files and contact us.

With the new website, our employees in Denmark have new email addresses related this new website. Please note old email addresses were not available any more. The new addresses:

Sales Director: Per Henning,

Administration manager: Lea Sørensen:

Sales support: Hongwe Li:

Inexa TNF got order for Gotland 2

 Inexa TNF was one of the suppliers for Gotland No.1. Now we are proud to announce that we just got the order for Gotland No.2.This order  includes about 20.000 m2 panels+2.000 m2 ceilings+270 doors. Additional 280 A-doors will be quoted. This order is a remarkable reward for Inexa TNF’s products and services.

Inexa TNF increased production capacity in Nantong

 At present Inexa TNF has shown a new scene. More and more customers are interested in Inexa TNF’s products, which gives high pressure to Nantong’s production line. To meet this requirement, two new bending machines were bought in Nantong that  increase production capacity at least about 40%.

News in China

 At the 26th Antarctic Scientific Expedition Press Conference, the Chinese government officer announced that China is currently actively preparing for the construction of the second polar scientific expedition ship to enhance the polar scientific research capabilities. With the global warming and the Arctic channel opening soon, there will be a huge potential market for the polar ice navigation ship in the future. So China plans to build a second polar scientific expedition ship. This project has already started. JiangNan Shipyard will be responsible for building this “China Polar Expedition Icebreaker Ship”.  Our general manager Ren was invited by JiangNan Shipyard to participate their technological meeting on the 26th, May 2017. A design plan and budget plan were submitted to JiangNan Shipyard and now GM Ren is waiting for bid.


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