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Royal Bodewes – NB. 747 ”Scot Explorer”

Royal Bodewes – NB. 747 ”Scot Explorer”

Another ship has been delivered to the shipping company Scot from Royal Bodewes in the Netherlands.

TNF Inexa has been one of the main providers of accommodation since the early 90’s to Royal Bodewes.

From the beginning, Bodewes has always worked with a modular system, and only a few places guessed the use of visible profiles. Royal Bodewes has preferred to use TNF’s self-supporting sandwich ceiling up to 3000 mm and where Royal Bodewes can mount lamps and ventilation systems directly in the ceiling without having to make extra hangings.

The kitchen is supplied in stainless steel, both for the walls but also the ceiling is supplied in stainless steel.

In addition to panels and ceilings, TNF has supplied A60 doors as well as B15 cabin doors.

If you want further information about TNF systems, simply send an email to our


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