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TNF Inexa products installed onboard Gotland 1 + 2

TNF Inexa products installed onboard Gotland 1 + 2


This project was started already back to 2014, as the Danish design company OSK Ship-Tech A/S already at this time together with GSI Shipyard, Guangzhou, made the first contacts to potential partners.

Gotland 1 + 2 was decided for updating the fleet of Gotlandsbolaget (Rederi AB Gotland) with 2 new RoRo vessels.

Gotlandsbolaget wanted space for 168 cabins, with room for 2-4 passengers per cabin.

Gotlandsbolaget required the ship to meet Comfort Class 1 – that means the highest level for accommodation. This also means that suppliers involved, should be able to meet these very high requirements. For example, no less than R’w 45 dB (Field value) is required between 2 cabins.

From the start, the yard had demanded that there should be a Scandinavian company as a link between Gotlandsbolaget, the subcontractors and the yard, to ensure that the best result was achieved.

Gotlandsbolaget made an agreement with Scan Marine AB from Sweden to be the co-ordination partner for both new buildings.

Scan Marine AB has done a tremendous job to ensure that the level was kept for both ships. During the entire construction period, Scan Marine AB had an average of 4-5 people to secure that the yard had the material built in and that it was installed correctly.

TNF INEXA had the pleasure of supply the bath cabinets with a stainless-steel base and equipment parts mainly from European manufacturers. All cabin doors were TNF INEXA High Noise reduction doors. The ceilings in all cabins were TNF INEXA C55 ceiling cassette, which is self-supporting up to 3.0 meters. In some cabins, there was a wish to have the ceilings delivered with a perforated surface. All partition walls were TNF INEXA 25 mm high noise reduction panels – which ensured optimum noise reduction between 2 cabins.

Before being delivered to Gotlandsbolaget, Gotland 2 has just been at the Øresund Yard in Sweden for the last and final check.

We had the pleasure to do an inspection of our material and can only say, that the yard GSI and Scan Marine have made a fantastic job.

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